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What is included in our geothermal services?

  • Geothermal installations are unique and a wonderful way to heat your home using the earth; they cut down on utility bills and are a reliable source of continuous heat that’s eco-friendly!
  • Maintenance is crucial to keeping these heating systems in prime condition; they’re low-maintenance for homeowners and take little to maintain for us professionals!
  • Finally, repairs for your geothermal units should always be done by a professional; if you want them to continue operating efficiently, repairs should be done asap!
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Why you should put your trust in Ambient Heating & Cooling

Being the best in the business isn’t enough – we want to be the most reliable and trustworthy for our customers:

  • If you need services done but need clarification on what’s needed or worry about the financial prospects, we provide ease of mind by offering 10% off parts and labor and a free diagnostic.
  • We don’t upsell to make a quick buck from our customers; we believe in providing only the needed services without pushing unnecessary sales on anyone.
  • We don’t want any confusion or uncertainty to occur, so our communication is crystal clear, and you’ll always be in the loop of what’s happening with your home or company systems.
  • Anyone who’s served in the military, currently serves, or is a first responder will receive a 10% discount on all services to show our appreciation for your dedication.
  • If you’re unsure what your home or business needs to be fully comfortable and functional, we can provide a detailed list and a free estimate, so you know what to expect.

What do I gain from having these services done?

You’ll receive a lower-cost utility bill every month

Everyone searches for new ways to save money when bills roll in every month. There are many ways you may not have known about, including switching to geothermal heating!

This type of heating means utilizing underground soil and water sources to heat your building rather than burning fuel. As a result, it’s in constant supply and uses less energy, saving you money monthly!

These units are eco-friendly and sustainable

Due to the setup of these units, you’re using natural energy to heat or cool your home or business, meaning you’re not eating up other resources that are harder to come by.

You can heat or cool your home without worrying about greenhouse gasses being released and eating away too many fossil fuels, so you reduce your carbon footprint with only a new heating system!

The system is quiet and peaceful for those in and around the building

A peaceful environment at home allows you to relax fully and unwind, while a peaceful environment at work contributes to better employee productivity and morale.

These systems are buried deep underground, eliminating loud noises often heard when HVAC units turn on and off. They’re designed to be quiet, limiting the noise you hear as they run, creating a better noise environment!

What else can I do to benefit my home or business?

There are plenty of other services that keep your property healthy and in great shape!

Feeling comfortable and at ease is hard when you’re too cold or hot or breathing dirty air. The other services we provide make your surrounding environment much nicer:

  • Air Conditioning Repair – it’s not fun when your AC stops working, but our repairs prevent overheating from becoming an issue for you!
  • Indoor Air Quality – you never know what you could be breathing in, which is why clean air/air quality is essential in buildings!
  • HVAC Maintenance Plans – planning is the first step to ensuring your systems are efficient and work best for your lifestyle!

You won’t have to worry about your home or business suffering the consequences of a poor HVAC system when you enlist the help of Ambient. We’re proud of the level of quality service we provide to those in Severna Park, Columbia, and Crofton, MD!

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