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What is included in our HVAC services?

  • We cover everything you’d need for your HVAC needs, starting with heating services involving heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces repairs or installation.
  • We also care for your AC (air conditioning) needs with repairs, maintenance, and installation of units that fit your home or company’s space so you stay comfortable.
  • Finally, your ventilation systems remain a high priority for our team because that keeps your air safe and clean; we ensure they’re functioning properly so you can feel at ease.
HVAC Service - Ambient Cooling & Heating

Why you should put your trust in Ambient Heating & Cooling

Ambient Cooling and Heating is a company unlike any you’ve experienced before, and we pride ourselves on what we do for our community:

  • We ensure our customers are prepared for the services they’re getting, so we offer free estimates on equipment changeouts and new systems.
  • We respect and appreciate those in uniform who go out of their way to help those in need, so we offer a 10% discount to all military and first responders.
  • We want to encourage our customers not to feel intimidated by services they need, so with a service contract, you’ll receive 10% off parts and labor and free diagnostic.
  • You’ll never feel pressured to pay for services you don’t need because we don’t believe in upselling products or pushing sales when they’re not necessary.
  • Our team is open with communication, and will always be honest about our work, so you know what’s happening at all times and never feel alone in making decisions.

What do I gain from having these services done?

You’ll be breathing a breath of fresh air

Every time you breathe in, you can inhale dust, pollen, and other air pollutants that can make you sick or worsen allergies or other respiratory illnesses.

However, there are ways you can help limit those from becoming a bigger issue! Proper HVAC systems include ventilation maintenance and repair, meaning the air quality of your home will be much improved!

You won’t have to worry about indoor moisture

Too much moisture inside your home can lead to breathing troubles, mold, and mildew growth.

Our systems help regulate and control how much moisture is in the air at any time in your home or commercial building. Of course, there’s a balance between too much and too little – our top-notch systems help keep that balance.

No more hot flashes or chills for you

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their home or work environment, but being too hot or cold can lead to that.

When you have a functional HVAC system in your building, you’ll be able to regulate the temperature inside accurately. Doing so means you have control over feeling too hot or too cold.

What else can I do to benefit my home or business?

There are plenty of other services that keep your property healthy and in great shape!

Your property should always be a comfortable, safe place for yourself and others. Our additional services will encourage a hardy, pleasant environment for all:

  • HVAC Repair – if your unit is not working properly, you’ll need repairs made asap to keep it regulating how it should be.
  • Indoor Air Quality – checking the air quality inside your home or business is essential for the health and comfort of everyone.
  • Rooftop Units – many units are installed on rooftops, especially on commercial buildings, rather than on the ground.

With Ambient, you always know what to expect and always receive the best quality care for your property. We’re not afraid of a challenge and are excited to offer our expert HVAC services to your home or business in Severna Park, Columbia, and Crofton, MD!

Bringing back quality and honesty – one job at a time.

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